Prabhakar Gupta

Hi! I currently work as a Software Development Engineer at Amazon. I pursued my Bachelors of Engineering (B.E.) in Information Technology (I.T.) from Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology

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Software Development Engineer

(June 2017 - Present)

Software Developer Intern

(June 2016 - July 2016)

I worked with Business To Customer (B2C) team and Research and Development (RnD) team. I majorly worked on Django and Python and also implemented Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing. I also worked on optimizing the page load time of the website.

Web Development Intern

(June 2015 - July 2015)

I worked with SmartApp Team and built the central CMS for content updation using Laravel 4.2 PHP MVC framework, underscore-dot templates and JQuery.

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Prabhakar Gupta, Pulkit Varshney, M.P.S. Bhatia (2017)
"Identifying Radical Social Media Posts using Machine Learning", 2nd International Conference on Inventive Computation Technologies [2017, India] (Article in Press)

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WA Reader

WA Reader is a platform to read WhatsApp conversations from email text backups in a easy-to-read UI.

Live Demo Fork on Github

Library Management System

An automated system to manage a public library. Admin panel for librarians to control and manage the system easily through an interactive interface.

Fork on Github

OCR | Convert Image to Text

Python wrapper to grab text from all the images in a directory and save a subdirectory as text files using Tesseract Engine.

Fork on Github

Travel Mate

A must-have android app for all the travellers who are visiting a city for the first time. The app provides them with everything from Planning to their Journey and also from Journey to the destination. The platform basically uses a mash-up technology. We have tried to include solutions for every possible problem the traveller might face during the course of his entire journey.

Fork on Github

WhatsApp Emoticons

Browser extension to convert text smileys to WhatsApp Emoticons to make life simple while using WhatsApp Web

Fork on Github Chrome Store